Rethinking How to Lower Your Electric Bill

When it comes to picking an electric plan, most of us are tempted to go for what appears to be the cheapest electric plan. But what if there's a smarter way to save? We’ll discuss how choosing a long-term electric plan, with an eye on the cancellation fee, can be a more cost-effective strategy.

The Game-Changer: Cancellation Options

Let's talk about a feature in long-term electric plans that many people overlook: the cancellation option. Sure, there's a fee if you decide to cancel early, but this fee can be a ticket to greater savings down the line.

Why Cancellation Fees Can Be a Good Thing

Think of the cancellation fee as low-cost insurance for your electric bill. With a long-term plan, you lock in your rate for a couple of years. This means if electric rates go up, you're already set with a lower rate. But what if rates go down? That's where the cancellation fee comes in. You can opt out and switch to a cheaper plan, making that fee a worthwhile investment.

A Real Example: Savings from Summer 2022

During the summer of 2022, an interesting situation came up. Let's look at the numbers that I saw for my home:

  • 12-Month Plan: 20+c/kwh, or $4,000 for the year for my home.
  • 5-Year Plan: 14.1c/kwh, totaling $2,820 for the first year.
  • Cancellation Fee for 5-Year Plan: $175

If I had gone with the 12-month plan, I would have spent $4,000+ over the twelve month term. But with the 5-year plan, even after paying the cancellation fee, I spent about $3,000 for the exact same electricity. That's $1,000 in savings!

I want to emphasize that this is what we were actually recommending to our customers! We made this recommendation over and over again to every user that summer - and while energy prices have mostly normalized, we are still finding our users the best deals day in and day out.

Market Factors and Limitations

While the logic behind leveraging long-term plans with cancellation options seems sound, it's crucial to acknowledge that this strategy depends on several factors:

  • Market rates for electricity
  • The specific cancellation fee associated with your plan
  • Regulatory changes that might affect electricity pricing

Let EnergyScout Guide You

Navigating the complexities of electric plans can be daunting. That's where our services at EnergyScout come in. We analyze market conditions, cancellation fees, and other variables to provide you with personalized recommendations for the most cost-effective electric plan. Make the smart choice today and let EnergyScout help you find the cheapest electric plan tailored to your needs.

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